Hispanics at the Movies: Hollywood Misses una Oportunidad

Very good article here about the prospect of Latinos at the Movies.  Here are some highlights, but grab the entire article at the link below.

Here’s why Hollywood wants the market: The Hispanic demographic is enormous. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates there are 48.4 million Hispanics in the United States, compared to about 37.2 million African Americans.

Most important for the studios, Hispanics go to the movies more than any other ethnic group. A recent Motion Picture Association of America report showed that in 2009, Hispanic moviegoers bought 300 million tickets — seeing more than eight movies per year on average. 

On top of that, Latinos are nearly twice as likely as the total adult population to see a movie on opening weekend and are, on average, 10 years younger than the population as a whole, making them prime movie consumers.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What would happen if there was an even more concerted effort to target this growing audience?  If the laws of general communications hold true here, Latinos will turn out in even greater numbers if the marketing shows up where they are, if they feel like the marketing is actually speaking to them, if they relate to the themes, if they can see themselves (or aspects of the person they want to be) in the content.

A large percentage of any movie’s gross comes out of the top 10 media markets because the majority of the population is in those markets,” Valdez said. “Those are all heavily Latino markets, and when you look at the top markets, the 18-to-34 demographic, Latinos are often more than 50 percent of that demographic.”

TAKEAWAY:  Smaller films, and films in markets past the top 10 should target Latinos in an intentional way to boost their chances at a bigger opening weekend. Films should ABSOLUTELY target Latinos for better chances at a big opening, which tends to drive the overall performance of ticket sales.

One of the reasons the demographic is difficult to reach is, it’s too big to be a monolithic group. Venezuelans, Cubans and Mexicans, for example, don’t necesarilly have anything other than a language in common.

Julio Caro, a former business partner of Jennifer Lopez and producer of 2006’s “El Cantante,” told TheWrap that U.S. Hispanics — second, third and fourth generation Americans — are untapped as a niche market.

And the niche is not the big Hollywood blockbuster, he insisted. “Latinos go to those anyway. You don’t need to make a Spanish ‘Spider-Man.’ But there is a huge opportunity to essentially mirror what Miramax and New Line did in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s but for the Latino market.”

ACTION POINT:  You don’t need a Hispanic theme to justify targeting Latinos. You simply have to market to them where they are!  Advertising, PR, social strategies and in-culture creative can all give movies an edge over others that haven’t figured this out yet.

OK.  So how do you get started?  Well, this happens to be what Beehive specializes in.  We assist in getting a film’s marketing to Latinos (in-language, in-culture, in-context) to help drive box office results.  One of our secrets revolves around social, the secret weapon in penetrating the Latino long-tail.  More on that when we speak. 🙂

Hispanics at the Movies: Hollywood Misses un Opportunidad | TheWrap.com.

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