Engage:Hispanics: Digging Deeper To Understand The Hispanic Mobile Opportunity

Digging Deeper To Understand The Hispanic Mobile Opportunity

Everyone has seen the endless data and research on Hispanics and mobile:

  • Hispanics have the highest penetration for mobile phones (eMarketer, 2011)
  • Hispanics over-index the general market on their adoption of smartphones (Nielsen, 2011)
  • Hispanics are more likely use their mobile device to download music, play games, access social networking sites (Scarborough, 2010)
  • Hispanics are more receptive than other groups to receiving and trusting mobile delivered messages (THI, 2011)

Considering Hispanics are one of the fastest-growing market segments in the U.S., figuring out how to reach them through mobile will increasingly define the how brands are able to successfully engage this group of users.

Unfortunately, most of the data on Hispanics and mobile technology focus on basic penetration and usage data. While this is great for establishing that an opportunity exists to reach Hispanics via mobile, it does little to provide actionable insights to marketers looking to aggressively take advantage of the opportunity. How should a consumer package group brand target Hispanics via mobile? How should a major retailer take advantage of the millions of Hispanics with smartphones entering their stores daily? Other than making sure your existing Hispanic (digital) marketing is mobile-friendly, there is very little to go on.

More and deeper data is needed.

A good place to start would be to look at the Hispanic mobile opportunity in-store. Specifically, identify opportunities for retailers to connect with Hispanic shoppers through new mobile experiences in stores. Considering Hispanics’ discretionary spending surpassed $129 billion in 2010 and seven of the top 50 Hispanic advertisers were retailers, a better understanding of this space would appear highly lucrative.

For instance, language aside, what specific opportunities exist for creating an in-store mobile strategy that appropriately reflects the norms and cultural priorities of Hispanic populations?

  • What are the relevant differences between Hispanics and non-Hispanics in their use of smartphones that shed light on their different in-store mobile experiences?
  • Do differences in ethnicity play any significant role in shaping in-store mobile experiences, or are the commonalities greater than the differences (i.e., Mexican-American vs. Puerto Rican)?
  • What are new ways to leverage in-store mobile retail that will have special appeal to Hispanic shoppers?

Conversely, what are the risks in creating an in-store mobile strategy that fails to account for these norms and priorities? Are there any deficiencies – apart from language – Hispanics find with in-store mobile experiences designed for non-Hispanic audiences?

Looking at Hispanic in-store mobile behavior and opportunities is just the beginning. There no doubt exist countless opportunities to better understand Hispanics and their mobile behavior and activity vis-à-vis the entertainment, automotive, fast casual dining, and beer and spirits categories.

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