Our Philosophy

We are a virtual agency.  We’ve got a 21st century attitude about what we do so our office is wherever we happen to be at the moment.  It could be at a client location, a Beverly Hills board room, or at our favorite pool space that gives us inspiration.  The point is, we don’t think we need to charge our clients to keep us in an office we would find confining anyway.  Our virtual approach comes directly from our dogged commitment to keeping it real, and not inflating our costs or our prices.

At Beehive, we do cool stuff with great companies.  Stuff like marketing strategy, digital campaigns, social media consulting and engagement, grassroots marketing, digital content creation, websites, promotions, print, and yes . . . even TV spots.

At Beehive, we do multi-cultural lifestyle marketing, with an emphasis on reaching the Latino consumer.  The world has changed with the incredible adoption of digital communication, and we believe that marketing should change with it.  These days, you need to reach people in their hives, regardless of the language they speak.